#SC23 Leszek Sliwko - Cluster Schedulers: Borg and Kubernetes


The second talk of the #SC23 event was given by Leszek Sliwko, Scala Developer at UK Home office.

Leszek Sliwko has been awarded a Ph.D. in Parallel and Distributed Computing for his work developing a novel AI-driven load balancer for Cloud systems. At present, he leads a team of Scala programmers in developing and maintaining several internal UK Government systems which are deployed within Kubernetes/Docker clusters.

Talk: Cluster Schedulers: Borg and Kubernetes

Synopsis: This presentation is analysing deployed and actively used workload schedulers’ solutions, and presents a taxonomy in which those systems are divided into several hierarchical groups based on their architecture and design, namely Operating System, Cluster, and Big Data schedulers. This review is focused on the key design factors that affect the throughput and scalability of a given solution, as well as the incremental improvements which bettered such an architecture. Special attention is given to Google’s Borg which is one of the most advanced and published systems of this kind.

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