Scala Developer

Permanent  |  £45000 - £60000 per annum  |  Central London  |  City of London

Functional Programming  •  Back End Development

As a Scala Developer, your name will feature in medical journals across the country, you will contribute to the ongoing push to find cures to diseases and medical discoveries which influence millions of people per day.

Are you a true thinker? Someone who focuses on details, solving problems on excellence rather than speed? Your work is important, crucial to the developments in medicine and all through the use of Scala, no room for mistakes.

You will work alongside intelligent minds, doctors, consultants and not to mention talented Scala Engineers, all committed to the same goal.

Feel like you're putting in extra hours without the benefits or rewards? You'll work in an entirely flexible environment where your extra work is noticed and therefore can be used for time off when you need a day to unwind or spend with your family or friends.

Your stack will include Scala, Play, Akka and RESTful frameworks implementing key development strategies and contributing to crucial systems, medical journals and customer-facing digital platforms.

You will be motivated and motivate with an emphasis on Pair Programming and a modern agile approach alongside experienced Scala Developers.

Continuous learning and development as an engineer is key too, not all of your days will be focused on the company specifically, many days are spent on idea sharing, hack days and you'll be supported to go to conferences and meetups.

Whether Scala has been your focus from day one or if you have recently picked it up, then we'd like to hear from you.

So, feel like being a key feature in the advancement of science and research and benefitting the future of our medical progression? You can make a difference, so please get in touch!

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